Wednesday, April 27, 2011

opening after the annual fire season

The park is officially opening to tourist again on april 1st.we still dont know if any new programmes have been started or not ,as of now the same activities will be conducted,the sailendry watch tower visit (jeep safari),bavani river trail trek (a 2 kms and back trek through the banks of river bavani(good for birders).This year we had fairly good rains in the buffer,and the afforestation works have started showing shape

Friday, November 27, 2009

Accomodation - silent valley national park

We offer accomodation to nature travellers,who are looking for a silent retreat a natural way.The lodge is in attappady,a trekkers paradise.
Malleeshwaram jungle lodge is a minimalistic approach to undestand and co-live with nature.
Noicey picnics are not entertained
Activities include silent valley national park visits and local day treks

Friday, November 20, 2009

Silver jubilee year 2009,Silent valleynational park

The silver jubilie celebrations at silent valley national park will bigin from today,the department has several kept functions to felicitate the ecologists and people behind this restoration and protection of the best example of rain forests in the southern peninsular.
A new information center and eco development committie has been formed here.Many local jeeps of mukkali has been taken in by the eco development committie for sailendry jeep safari purposes.
New programmes have been introduced for nature travellers.
New momentoes like caps,T-shirts,couple of books ,postcards are all for sale at the information center of silent valley national park at mukalli.
Lets celebrate this movement and pray that silent valley stays more n more silent
away from the destructive nature of homosapiens............

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The valley is well known as a habitat of endangered primates.lion tailed macaque nilgiri langur, bonnet macaque could be easily spotted here.As per park records there are 31 types of mammals here.Animal sighting is a bit difficult owing to the thick undergrowth,luck really matters.

Monday, June 30, 2008


There is an astonishing variety of butterflies,which are usually a common sight,we have some of the biggest of them like the southern birdwing,blue mormon,also smaller species like cupid,psyche.Of the 128 species identified 9 were only found in the western ghats.A trek to PUCCHIPARA would be a treat to the eyes

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Silent valley is definitely an ornithologists heaven.........many rare species are a common sight to the keen eye,as per park records of the 211 species sighted 15 of them are endemic to the western ghats,nilgiri wood pigeon,nilgiri flycatcher,malabar laughing trush,flycatchers,are just to name a few.
If one needs a naturalist to accompany....things have to be planned in advance


The park wardens office at mukkali is where the traveller pays for the entrance to silent valley,which is usually a jeep safari through the fringes to the watch tower .the ride though bumpy is pretty interesting........with many lion tail macaques,malabar giand squirrels,barking deers......also one could treak ........thats if leaches dont bother you,the information center is also pretty organised.